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  • On The Fence About Homeschool?
    Are you one the fence about homeschooling? I know, I’ve been there. Many children thrive in public or private schools but others really struggle. My daughter thrived so why would I even consider pulling her? Honestly, if … Read more
  • Learning Styles
    If you spend any time reading homeschool blogs or posts it won’t be long before you run across the topic of learning styles. If you’re new to homeschooling you may not have given this much thought before … Read more
  • Step-By-Step How to Homeschool – The First Three Months
    When I first started homeschooling I had absolutely no idea how to even begin. Almost 8 years later it’s hard to even remember what those early days were like but I know I was completely overwhelmed. Using … Read more
  • New To Homeschooling?
    I cannot believe I am going to homeschool my kids! Have you thought this yet? Or maybe even said it out loud to someone? I thought it dozens of times the week before I was going to … Read more